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Your Weekly Tomism: Things Ke$ha Can Teach Us

Tom is dancing wildly in the living room for some reason or another. He has long and awkward limbs that flail, and he is coming dangerously close to kicking our dog, knocking over lamps and glasses of water, etc.

Coming next week: Sidewalk Scribe & SoulPancake #2: “What is the interplay between fate and free will?”


Good Things: Discovering the Key to Playoff Happiness

So, the Bruins are in the playoffs. My fiance is a HUGE Bruins fan. I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries that the outcome of a Bruins game totally makes or breaks Tom’s mood. Currently, they are playing the Montreal Canadiens, and Tom DESPISES that team. When the Bruins lose to the Canadiens, it’s equal to someone ripping Tom’s heart out of his chest and eating it in front of him. The Bruins lost the first two games, both of which Tom watched out in the living room. He superstitiously decided to watch the third game in the bedroom, which they won, so last night, he HAD to watch it in the bedroom. They weren’t doing so well in the beginning. Usually, I avoid looking at/talking to Tom when his team is losing. It’s just not worth the possibility of dying. But last night, when I began to hear guttural noises (much like the sound a dying cow would make) coming from the bedroom after the Canadiens took a 1-0 lead, I decided to try something a little different. Continue reading Good Things: Discovering the Key to Playoff Happiness

Good Things: Living With a Boy

I have so many Good Things to say about living with a boy that it might have to be a two-parter.

This week, I noticed something strange. I hadn’t picked up any clothes off the floor in a while. Like…since Tuesday. It was obvious that Tom had actually read Bad Things: Living With a Boy (he doesn’t usually read my blog) and had taken it to heart, and was trying to be better about it, and it gave me the warm fuzzies, so I wrote him a little note. We don’t usually do that. We’re not a note-leaving couple. I wrote: Continue reading Good Things: Living With a Boy

Bad Things: Living With a Boy

I’m at a stage in my life where a good portion of my girlfriends are either living with their significant others, or they are thinking about living with their significant others. I live with a boy. Have for some time. We are engaged. I like him a lot. See? And to be honest with you, living with a boy is really awesome, and I don’t have many Bad Things to say about it. It does however come with a few, small downsides. And I’m doing a Good Things: Living With a Boy on Friday, so relax. Continue reading Bad Things: Living With a Boy

Dear Mom, Please Don’t Read This

I needed to start this post off with a disclaimer. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should write about this, but the name of the blog is “tales of a twenty-something,” so I feel I must write about something that most twenty-somethings think about and talk about often. Relationships, and the sex that sometimes comes with them. So to reiterate the disclaimer, don’t read this if you are my mom.

I live vicariously through my single friends because I am spoken for and have been for…ever. I love hearing stories about their hedonistic weekends in the city, as I am but a simple country girl. I have a very good friend, and she lives in Boston. She is tall and very pretty, and she is very smart and goes to law school, and she is funny and enjoys drinking beer and watching Family Guy and she is normal. Aren’t these qualities desirable? What else could dudes possibly want? A beer tap from her belly button? The poor girl however, has the WORST luck with guys. To be honest with you, I can’t figure out if it’s bad luck or just bad taste.
Continue reading Dear Mom, Please Don’t Read This