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Good Things: Melanie McKenna

In anticipation of Mother’s Day on Sunday, I wanted to dedicate this week’s Good Things to my mom, Melanie McKenna.

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John Francis McKenna

Sometimes I joke about how I inherited all of my Dad’s negative traits. We are both incredibly stubborn and impatient. We both tell horrible jokes that usually involve puns. We both have classic Irish tempers. We think we’re always right. Arguing with us is useless. He also gave me his legendary eyebrows (no seriously…his nickname was “The Brow” in college), which require daily plucking to avoid looking like a wildebeest. Here’s the thing though: my Dad is the coolest man on the face of this earth. I’m sure a lot of people feel this way about their Fathers, but I am dead serious. Greatest. Guy. Ever. Here are the top four reasons why: Continue reading John Francis McKenna

My Life, Somehow Written By John Mayer

The first time I heard John Mayer, I was thirteen years old. I was over a friend’s house, and thirteen was the age where my generation would sit, together, at the computer, not really talking to each other – but talking to other people on AOL Instant Messenger. She played me “No Such Thing,” and in the midst of overanalyzing boys’ away messages and trying to get girls to talk trash about other girls (where we would then print out the conversation and bring it into school on Monday), that song made me realize that maybe there WAS something more. Maybe this WASN’T as good as it was going to get. I was right, so was John Mayer, and thank God for that. Continue reading My Life, Somehow Written By John Mayer