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Your Weekly Tomism: Dreaming Without Pants

You’re probably wondering where Bad Things is. It’s Tuesday. Bad Things are on Tuesday. Maybe you’re angry with me right now. Maybe the tip of your nose is getting all tingly the way it does right before you start to cry. Maybe you’re panicking and your mouth is getting dry and you’re having trouble breathing and you feel like your world is collapsing around you.

More than likely, you’re just like “Meh. I’m feeling pretty indifferent about the situation.”

And that’s fine. But you should know that some exciting things are happening to Tales of a Twenty-something.

First things first, I will be taking a little break from Good Things & Bad Things. Fear not; I am not retiring them forever. I have a little project coming up that will be taking up most of my free time and most of this blog, and so the Things are taking a backseat for awhile. And by little project, I mean not little at all. It’s actually quite a large project. I will be announcing said project on Friday. I’m terrible at keeping secrets, but I’ve been REALLY good at keeping this one.

I know how funny you all think Tom is, so on top of this new project, I’m pleased to introduce to you: Tomism Tuesday. Continue reading Your Weekly Tomism: Dreaming Without Pants