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Good Things: James Tate

James Tate has been banned from the Shelton High School senior prom for taping cardboard letters to the side of the school. You can imagine what the letters spelled out. Something terrible. Horrendous, and vile. It’s so bad…I’ve been going back and forth all day on whether or not to post it on here. Please be warned: the picture below is extremely offensive.

AAAAAAGGGHH! Lock up your daughters!

So the “Headmaster” of Shelton High School, Dr. Beth Smith – hang on, why does a public school have a headmaster? That seems entirely unnecessary and just a teensy bit totally pretentious. Anyways, Dr. Beth Smith gave James Tate an in-school suspension for this. In-school suspension = you ain’t goin’ to prom.

May I add that the school was holding a contest on the most creative way to ask someone to prom?

May I also add that the two friends who went with James to hold the ladder were also banned from the prom?

Ridiculous. First of all, the school was encouraging creative and different ways to ask someone to prom. Did James vandalize school property? Nothing was damaged. If James Tate had spray-painted the invitation to the side of the school, we would understandably have a problem. But this wasn’t done with a malicious intent. This was done to win a contest, and to make Sonali feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Grounds for such a severe punishment? I think not.

I went to high school with this kid named Dan. I’m using his real name, because frankly, I don’t give a damn. He transferred to my school sophomore year. He was okay in the beginning, but it didn’t take long for me (and most other people) to see that he was a terrible, mean-spirited person. HE got to go to his senior prom. You know what he did there? He went up to the “bartender,” asked for a cup of straight grenadine, went up to a girl who was wearing a stunning white dress, and dumped it all over her. Dan was kicked out of the prom, and wasn’t allowed to attend any other senior activities, including graduation. Everyone stood by the administration because the punishment fit the crime. There aren’t many people standing by Shelton High’s administration, and that’s a Good Thing.

The numerous Facebook groups that were created to support James Tate are AMAZING. As of this moment, the “Let James Tate Go to the Prom” group has 173,343 “likes.” Click here to like the page. My best friend (who lives in Shelton) told me today that she’s seen “Team Tate” signs on people’s lawns. Even with this nation-wide support James Tate is receiving, Dr. Beth Smith is refusing to lift the ban. Something tells me Beth Smith never got asked to prom.

My source in Shelton told me today that a hotel in the area is sponsoring an alternate prom for the students. Local radio station 93.7 FM is DJing. Fuggin’ incredible. I love it. It’s so “Footloose.”

Dr. Beth Smith made an announcement that any student who asks for a refund of their Shelton High School prom tickets will be suspended. Apparently, a pair of prom tickets cost $180.

Trust me kids, it’s the best $180 you’ll ever lose.


5/14/2011: UPDATE – Dr. Beth Smith reversed her decision and is letting James Tate go to Prom. Click here for her press conference.