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Your Weekly Tomism: Things Ke$ha Can Teach Us

Tom is dancing wildly in the living room for some reason or another. He has long and awkward limbs that flail, and he is coming dangerously close to kicking our dog, knocking over lamps and glasses of water, etc.

Coming next week: Sidewalk Scribe & SoulPancake #2: “What is the interplay between fate and free will?”


Good Things: Living With a Boy

I have so many Good Things to say about living with a boy that it might have to be a two-parter.

This week, I noticed something strange. I hadn’t picked up any clothes off the floor in a while. Like…since Tuesday. It was obvious that Tom had actually read Bad Things: Living With a Boy (he doesn’t usually read my blog) and had taken it to heart, and was trying to be better about it, and it gave me the warm fuzzies, so I wrote him a little note. We don’t usually do that. We’re not a note-leaving couple. I wrote: Continue reading Good Things: Living With a Boy

Bad Things: Living With a Boy

I’m at a stage in my life where a good portion of my girlfriends are either living with their significant others, or they are thinking about living with their significant others. I live with a boy. Have for some time. We are engaged. I like him a lot. See? And to be honest with you, living with a boy is really awesome, and I don’t have many Bad Things to say about it. It does however come with a few, small downsides. And I’m doing a Good Things: Living With a Boy on Friday, so relax. Continue reading Bad Things: Living With a Boy

Some Life Lessons, Courtesy of Kanye West – Part One

I feel about Kanye the way I feel about that super drunk girl who is always at every obnoxious bar you go to. It’s fun to watch for a little while, but then it gets awkward and uncomfortable and it’s like…someone get her out of here.

In the beginning of Kanye’s career, I liked his style. Didn’t everyone kind of go through an aquamarine-and-salmon-polo-shirt-accented-with-a-popped-collar phase? And I’ve always had great admiration for his ability to make good music. And sometimes he pleasantly surprises me. After the whole Taylor Swift thing though…I lost most of what respect I had for Kanye. It wasn’t just because it was Taylor Swift and I’m obsessed with her. It would have pissed me off if he had done it to anyone else, too. He has pulled some CRAZY stunts throughout the years, and it’s kind of like for every good thing he does…he also does three horrendously awful things.

I was thinking the other day of lessons I wanted to teach my future children: how they should act in certain situations, how to treat people, the way you should portray yourself, and I realized that I can teach them everything they need to know just by teaching them about Kanye West. So here goes. Continue reading Some Life Lessons, Courtesy of Kanye West – Part One

Good Things: Laughing

Good Things is gonna be a little different this week. We’ll call it an April Fools’ joke or whatever.

We all have “those” days. You know, the days where you want to gouge an eyeball out with one hand while simultaneously ripping your hair out with the other. They happen to the best of us.

These are some of my favorite websites. They have gotten me through many near-hissy fits. If I’m about to lose my mind, I visit these until I’m laughing so hard that I can’t remember why I was so crazed to begin with. And then I carry on with my day, because really, that’s all you can do. Am I right?
Continue reading Good Things: Laughing