About the Author

I’m Molly. I do a really good impression of my Dad’s face.

It’s mostly the eyebrows.

My two favorite things are Taylor Swift and Jack Daniels. Sometimes, I mix the two, and my life is perfect. My life is pretty great all the time, though. I live in New England. It’s pretty, and I like it. I don’t anticipate ever leaving. I agreed to marry someone, his name is Tom. He is ah-really funny. He doesn’t read my blog. Isn’t that rude? He doesn’t know it, but for some time now, I have been keeping a log of all the funny things he says and does in my Notes on my iPhone. I’m going to make it into a book one day. Here is a good rundown of Tom.

I have a dog, he is afraid of everything from chewing gum to bugs to hardwood floors. He’s also the best dog ever. His name is Duke. I have not written an entry about Duke because I haven’t been that desperate yet.

I have a nice family. My Dad is crazy cool, you can read about him right here. My Mom is awesome, too. You can read about her right here. My brother is older and wiser and usually makes way better decisions than I do. He knows this.

My friends are really great, and serve as a lot of inspiration for ideas. They are also really supportive of the blog, and have no problem making me feel guilty if I take a week off or something.

I have a pretty obnoxious laugh.

I do NOT like olives.

Contact: mckenna.molly@gmail.com


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